Poplašen, Vučić and the Removal of the Brain

Poplašen, Vučić and the Removal of the Brain


Muhamed Fazlagic
Muhamed Fazlagic

Today´s news from the political scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina look sad indeed. At first glance everything is neatly packaged along with media headlines about how Bosnia and Herzegovina is moving towards the European Union, in Srebrenica a giant donor confence is being held where the main star is Aleksandar Vučić, in the new coalition everything is working perfectly and so on…

Everything is prepared in a way that makes it seem that we don´t have anything to worry about, all we have to do is lean back and things will work itself out, we´re on the road to a better tomorrow.

Few days ago I watched a conversation between Senad Hadžifejzović and his guest from Serbia; Kokan Mladenović. When Hadžifejzović asked his guest if he had any intention of participating in the democratic makeover of Serbia, in which apparently Vučić had and was taking part in, his guest replied that he had no such intention, he couldn´t take that amount of hypocrisy.

Sober people in Belgrade read Vučić, a formerly open, and now dressed in a “European suite” Chetnik as a hypocrite and a dictator. Vučić seems to be more popular with the ruling coalition in Bosnia and Herzegovina then with his own people. The positive thing is that as it stands now, the budget of Srebrenica will be flushed with a certain amount of cash, however the negative part is that nobody is able to see what´s going on, even if it´s all been clearly and openly said, you just need to read more carefully.

Serbia owes Bosnia and Herzegovina around 5 billion BAM (2.5 billion euros) for power from power-plants on the Drina river, which it has produced and sold, even if Drina is both Bosnian and Serbian. That means my sober fellow countrymen that Vučić ows us 5 billion BAM. However, that´s not the end of the story, he owes Srebrenica alone 35 million euros for land flooded by one of those power-plants, naimly Bajina Bašta.

After all that, the premier of Serbia is coming to Srebrenica, a town massacred by the army  which he fought in, and promise 10 million BAM! Vučić is “giving” us, according to my calculation, 0,198 % of the money he owes us, and we´re happy about that, while celebrating his move. We´re calling it a “historic move “and a turnaround. What naiveté on one side, and hypocrisy and creativity on the other. But, you can´t have one without the other. Vučić wouldn´t be able to score easy points if it wasn´t for the fact that there were naïve or ill-willed people on the other end to support and reaffirm that.

I´m of course not thinking about the citizens of Srebrenica, I´m thinking about spineless people that are in power.

One part of that 10 million BAM, our money, more precisely 6 million BAM will go straight to the municipality´s account, while the other part will be invested. Do Bosniaks see that Serbia will that way completely dominate Srebrenica, under the guise of help and support? Do Bosniaks think that Serbia is that naïve, and that Dodik and Vučić have for no reason all of a sudden changed their tune and are talking about coexistence?

Today everybody is silent, today it´s dead calm, because we´ve be sedated, now they can do to us as they wish, we´re waiting for them to remove our vital organs, including the brain.  While that is taking place, another moral defeat is taking place in the Bosnian parliament.

Nikola Poplašen, Vojislav Šešelj´s faithful Chetnik who was removed from office by the then High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Carlos Westendorpf on march 6th 1999 is making his triumphant return to the political stage. And where? This native of Sombor (Vojvodina) has been named by the people´s assembly as a member of the Agency for Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From now on Poplašen will have say in when it comes to education on state level in Bosnia and Herzegvoina, because Bosniaks, headed by SDA and a former GENERAL of the Bosnian Army, Sifet Podžić  and other “faithful” soldiers rewarded Poplašen and the so called “Serb political factor” for their denial of the Bosnian language in the smaller and ethnically cleansed Bosnian entity.

You can cancel out our language, we´ll put Nikola Poplašen on the very top of our educational system. What political savvy, one gets goose bumps from the ability  of our representatives. This also resembles the position of SBiH and ASDA in the fight for place in the coalition. The slogan goes something like this: You don´t have to give us anything, just make sure we have a few cadres moved to Sarajevo, and we´ll give you everything! The education, our honour and moral and the fate of both our own and other people´s children. All for a couple of chairs and self-interest.

To Sefer Halilović I say; congratulations, at least when it comes to this issue. Because you exited on time and your party survived. I don´t agree with many moves your party makes, but the honourable thing is to congratulate you on this move. One needs to congratulate Radončić as well who played this one like Karpov, placing all of his opponents and competitors in a stalemate. For SBB and their most important political partner and promotor, HDZ, (Croatian Democratic Union) that was the primary objective. I don´t agree with the politics of SBB, but they did achieve what they set out to achieve.

This article, taken from Kliker.info was written by Muhamed Fazlagic, (a Bosnian-American, and member of the Sociological Association, the North Central Sociological Association, and the Midwest Sociological Society )