Unholy Alliance-Greece and Milosevic´s Serbia Revisited

Radovan Karadzic  awarding members of the GVG with the White Eagle medal.
Radovan Karadzic honouring members of the GVG

About two years ago I got the permission from CNAB ( Congress of the North American Bosniaks) to re-publish a revised and uppdated version of Daniel Toljaga´s 2009 interview with greek writer and journalist Takis Michas. Michas had in 2002 published a book detailing the support of the Greek State, the Greek Orthodox Church as well as the popular support of ordinary greeks for the Slobodan Milosevic´s Greater Serbian campagin, and the support for his Bosnian Serb clients: Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. The book; Unholy Alliance: Greece and Milosevic’s Serbia dealt in great detail the relationship between the two countries (Serbia and Greece) during the Yugoslav wars and particular the Bosnian genocide. The partnership included shipment of arms to Serbia and the Bosnian Serbs, in 2002 the Dutch report of the fall of Srebrenica concluded that Greece had sent arms and ammunition to the Bosnian Serbs during 1994 and 1995. Michas book on the other had in it testemony that the Greek goverment under the leadership of Andreas Papandreou leaked Nato military intelligence to the Bosnian Serbs.

Double-headed Eagle of Byzantium. Emblem of the Greek Volunteer Guard.
Emblem of the Greek Volunteer Guard. (Grcka Dobrovoljacka Garda)

In Bosnia, Greek ultra-nationalists including members of the Greek Volunteer Guard and reporterdly members of far-right Golden Dawn also made up a 100-man strong contigent of the Bosnian Serb Army. The unit was formed on the order of Ratko Mladic. The unit, which fought alongside Russians and Ukrainians, was led by Serb officers and had its own insignia, the double-headed eagle of Byzantium. According to the report: Greek and Russian mercenaries were also involved in the attack on Srebrenica. A Greek Volunteer Guard, a unit based in Vlasenica, was formed in March 1995 and was fully incorporated in the Drina Corps.” At least four of its members were awarded the White Eagle medal of honour by Karadzic. ( page 2787 NIOD -Report )

Despite the well-documented presence of Greek volunteers in Srebrenica, (after the fall of Srebrenica Ratko Mladic thought it would be a good idea if the Greeks raised a Greek flag above the town along with the Serb flag for propaganda purposes) none of the volunteers have thus far been indicted by the Greek state for their role in the takeover and the subsequent genocide in Srebrenica. Now in a new interview, 13 years after his book Michas and Al Jazzira Balkans revisited what is for many Greeks still a difficult topic. According to Michas the presence of Greek nationals fighting alongside the Bosnian Serbs was not a secret in Greece. Many of them were interviewed by Greek newspapers and they were considered to be heros by a great many people. Greek media also reported on the Greek volunteers role in the takeover of Srebrenica as well as the raising of the Greek flag. According to Michas, however after it became clear that the ICTY was going after the people responsible for what happened in Srebrenica, greeks who had been in Bosnia stopped giving intreviews to newpapers and tried to disappear.

See the full intreview with Takis Michas in English (with Bosnian subtitles) here below.

4 thoughts on “Unholy Alliance-Greece and Milosevic´s Serbia Revisited

  1. Hello all.
    Since I’m a member of the ‘XYZ Contagion’ investigating journalism team and one of the writers of a brand new monograph on Greek involvement on the Srebrenica massacre, can I suggest a number of useful readings? All of these are articles based in XYZ Contagion 20 years of research study entitled:

    #’The Srebrenica massacre, the Greek Volunteer Guard (EEF) and the involvement of Golden Dawn,’ which contains exclusive new evidence presented for the first time in Greece and internationally.

    [This study contains evidence that proves that Golden Dawn members and functionaries and other Greeks fascists of the so-called Greek Volunteer Guard (EEF) were actually there. Not simply ‘somewhere near Srebrenica’, but they were at the exact locations, at the football fields and meadows and abandoned warehouses, while the mass executions of 8,000+ POWs and unarmed civilians took place, at the exact time of the killings].

    # Stratis Bournazos – The Srebrenica massacre and the role of Greek volunteers: A revealing survey by XYZ Contagion (translation of an article first published in the Greek newspaper Avgi, 2015-06-14)

    # Stratis Bournazos – La masacre de Srebrenica y el papel de los voluntarios griegos: Una investigacion reveladora del blog XYZ Contagion sobre la implicacion de miembros de Aurora Dorada (traduccion de un articulo publicado en el periodico griego Avgi, 2015-06-14)

    # Dimitri Deliolanes – Strage di Srebrenica, c’era Alba Dorata (άρθρο στα ιταλικά του Δημήτρη Δεληολάνη στην ιταλική εφημερίδα Il Manifesto 2015-06-25)

    # Watch a XYZ Contagion video:
    Greek Volunteers and Golden Dawn members during operations in the Srebrenica massacre, July 1995

    [Two video scenes taken from unpublished, forgotten footage filmed by well-known international news agencies, like Associated Press, during the operations of the Bosnian Serb troops and paramilitaries in July of 1995 in Srebrenica. These reports were aired in July 1995 on TV stations all over the world and especially on Dutch national television.]

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