Bosnia and Herzegovina hit by more heavy rain and flooding

Zeljezno Polje Photo: Tim Clancy
Zeljezno Polje Photo: Tim Clancy

Last May´s heavy rains caused some of the worst flooding in over a century in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. Aside from the tragic loss of life damage done to the infrastructure was estimated to be in the billions. Sadly more floods have now hit the region. with both Bosnia and Serbia affected.

According to Balkan Insight :

One man was reported to have drowned in Banja Koviljaca in Serbia in the basement of his home on Tuesday, the Serbian daily newspaper Blic reported.

Many other homes, buildings and streets were flooded in the Loznica area of western Serbia. Extremely poor weather in central and west Serbia brought heavy rain to Kragujevac, Cacak, Ivanjica and Priboj while landslides were said to be active around Mali Zvornik in the west.

In Bosnia, the situation has was worst in the northern Tuzla region and around Zenica, Doboj, Banja Luka and Zvornik, where local rivers have burst and flooded dozens of houses.

Reports said that in the area of town of Lukavac, near Tuzla, around a hundred houses were flooded and that landslides had been recorded. Many local roads were blocked.

Flooding in Lukavac near Tuzla:

One of the places worst hit by last May´s flooding was Zeljezno Polje in central Bosnia. Those living there were still in the process of rebuilding from the May flooding when a the floods hit again. Tim Clancy who was in Zeljezno Polje yesterday has allowed me to post his Facebook flood update from yesterday. I will try to keep this post updated as the news from the affected areas comes in.

Tim Clancy:

FLOOD UPDATE – CRITICAL: Just got back from Zeljezno Polje where torrential rains have created serious flooding, damaged roads further, and caused even more landslides. People are fleeing the area in enough numbers to cause alarm. We evacuated one family living in a tent in the mud stricken valley. The temporary bridges that act as a lifeline to the upper villages are in serious danger of being washed away again. At one critical spot there was only a few centimeters left before the river spilled over the small, makeshift overpass.Double whammy – my guess is most will try to flee towards the main valley to the M-17. If that overpass goes and the landslides continue – a lot of people could hypothetically be stuck, quite literally, between a rock and a hard place. The only place left to go would be the high mountain road towards Begov Han. The same place these poor folks fled to when the devastating landslides hit in May.Terra Dinarica and Postive Pozitivna igra / Positive Play have contacted the GSS (Mountain Rescue Service) from Zavidovici and they have fully mobilized – they are just waiting for the green light from Civil Protection Force (God help us).We tried to evacuate the family to safety in Zepce but were stopped by what we thought was an accident. We were just informed by a friend that it was another landslide that has blocked the M-17 near Zepce. As we headed back to Sarajevo we saw the major landslide in Nemila on the M-17 looking pretty unstable. We got a call ten minutes later from the UN that the landslide in Nemila has blocked the M-17 road entirely. Neither of these are confirmed.It’s gonna be a long night in Zeljezno Polje. Let’s hope some help is in site. This post is not meant to press the panic button – but to bring attention to the situation so it can be dealt with in an adequate and timely manner – which could save lives. Better safe than sorry.

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